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How To Get Started On Fara, Even As A POS Agent

Monday July 26

Are you looking to grow your businesses and increase the number of services you offer at your POS shop?

As a POS agent or even a shop owner, the FARA app, is what you need!

FARA will enable you and your business to prosper in the following main ways:

Accessing Fara’s simple and affordable float loans.

Increase your profits by using the Fara platform. Fara enables you to save for your network, get loans, sell health insurance and earn BIG COMMISSIONS while at it. You won’t turn away your customers because you don’t have cash for your POS transaction or of a certain value.

You don’t need to wait for months in getting a loan, complete your KYC, get verified, perform transactions on your account, get fast and affordable loans, then earn BIG COMMISSIONS.

What about a passive income to pay little bills? With Fara app, earn up to N300,000 monthly to cover your Children school fees, Rents, Grocery shopping, etc

Earn commissions for every transactionon the app. Register on Fara now to enable you and your business prosper.