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Fara Limited (“Us”, “We”, “Our”) respect your privacy and is commited to being transparent with collection, use and share of your personal data. This privacy policy explains how Fara Limited handles personal information collected.

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We are Fara Limited (‘we’, ‘our’, ‘us’), a company (also operate as ‘Fara’) organized and existing under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. (“Fara App”) is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.

Our privacy policy explains what information we collect, with whom we share it, and how you (the user of the Service) can prevent us from sharing certain information with certain parties. You should read this privacy policy in its entirety to understand our practices and views regarding your personal data, how we protect it, and how we use it. By using our service or downloading the Fara App, you confirm that you have read, understood, and accept the Fara Privacy Policy. You also consent to the collection, storage, processing, use, and disclosure of your personal data and information as set out hereunder.

Scope of policy & terms

The privacy policy applies to the use of the following:

1. Fara mobile application software (“Fara App”) hosted on Google Play Store and available on our site.

2. Any of the services and products available through the Fara App or available on our site (“Services”).

Information we may collect

We may collect, use, and share customer information directly, from a person acting on your behalf, or from other sources (including credit reference bureaus and publicly available information). This information may include:

1. Information that you provide to us about you or your business generated by filling in the Fara App registration form on Fara App or on our site.

2. Information that you provide by corresponding with us, our partners, or representatives for example by chat, e-mail, or phone calls.

3. Information that you provide by using any of our Services (for example, requesting a loan, sharing information and data through social media, reporting a problem with the Fara App, our site, or our services, entering into a survey, promotion or a competition.

This information may include your name, postal address, physical address, age, e-mail address, phone number, username, password, and any other information collected including your photograph, personal description, and credit and financial information.

Information we may collect from you and your device:

1. Type of the mobile device you use to access our Services, unique mobile device identifiers (including the device’s serial number or IMEI), SIM card information, mobile network information, your mobile device operating system, and your mobile device’s geographical location.

2. Information stored on your mobile device including SMS logs call logs, photos, videos, or other digital content.

3. Data from your use of any third-party application on your mobile device or our site.

4. Details on your use of the Fara App or your visits to our site including location data, weblogs, traffic data and any other communication data.

Location Information We May Collect:

We may use GPS technology or any other available location services to identify and determine your current location. You can withdraw your consent to the collection, processing or use of this information at any time by logging out of the Fara App and uninstalling the Fara App from your mobile device.

Third Party Information (Information we may receive from any other sources)

We are required to work with third parties to provide you the service including financial service providers, collection agencies and credit reference bureaus and we may receive, process, and use information about you from them.

Unique Application Numbers:

When you install or uninstall a Service containing a unique application number or when such a Service searches for automatic updates, that number and information about your installation, for example, the type of operating system, may be sent to us.

We may send you push notifications through the Fara App to send you transaction-related notifications, new services and products, and marketing messages. Fara and our third party service providers, including analytics providers and marketing partners may use website cookies and/or mobile tracking technologies to differentiate and distinguish you from other users of the Fara App or our site. This enables us to continually improve your experience through continued improvement of the Fara App and our site. We may also use analytics tools to analyze the use of the Fara App and our services. You may withdraw your consent from accessing your information in the future by uninstalling the Fara App from your mobile device. We may keep and/or share your stored information after you have installed the Fara App from your mobile device for a period not longer than necessary for the sole fulfilment of the purposes for which your information was collected or for the defense, exercise or establishment of legal claims, as permitted by the governing laws, or for legitimate business purposes.

Our Use Of Information Collected:

We may collect, process, and use your information for the following purposes:

1. To verify your identity

2. To process your transactions

3. To qualify your registration

4. To analyze customer behavior

5. To disburse loans and collect payments

6. To perform credit scoring and build credit models

7. To allow our partners to provide and fulfill their obligations to you

8. To allow Fara to fulfil its obligations to you

9. To allow Fara to fulfil its obligations to its partners

10. To enhance user experience

11. To troubleshoot problems with the Fara App and/or our site

12. To comply with the governing laws, rules, and regulations, such as those relating to anti money laundering (AML) requirements and Know your customer (KYC).

13. To detect, prevent, and curb fraud or any other illegal uses of the Fara App, our site, or the Services

14. To send you transaction data, service updates, marketing messages, and promotional offers

How We Use & Share Information:

We may use the information collected in the following ways:

1. We may associate any category of information with any other category of information and will treat the combined information as personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy for as long as it is combined.

2. Information collected by us shall be used for the Purposes defined in this Privacy Policy.

3. Save in compliance with an order of the Court, Arbitral Panel, Tribunal, Regulatory Directive or Order of any other legal or regulatory obligation, we do not disclose information about identifiable individuals to other parties, but we may share limited personal information for research and development. We may also provide other parties with anonymous aggregate information about our users (for example, the percentage gender quantification of our users).

We may share information to the following recipients:

1. Any associate or member of Fara, service providers, partners, or subcontractors (including but not limited to their officers, employees, and directors).

2. Credit reference bureaus or financial institutions for the purposes of obtaining and providing credit references.

3. Any third party organizations to whom we provide referrals or introductions.

4. Third party service providers under legal contract with Fara that enable us to provide the Service to you and in our business operations including fraud prevention, and/ or transaction processing.

5. Government officials, law enforcement, or any other third parties in any of the following scenarios: court order, formal request, and/or when we believe that information disclosure is necessary to comply with the law.

Where We Store Our Information & Data:

The data that we collect from you may be transferred to, and stored at, a destination outside your country of origin or residence (as applicable). It may also be processed by staff operating outside your country of origin or residence (as applicable), who work for us or for one of our suppliers. These staff members may be engaged in the fulfillment of your requests on the Fara App and on our site. By submitting your personal data, you agree to the collection, transfer, storing or processing of your personal data in the manner set out above. We will take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure that your data is collected, stored and processed securely and in accordance with this privacy Policy.

How Long Do We Keep Your Data:

We keep your information as long as you are a Fara customer and for any additional period as required under applicable law or regulations. These retention requirements supersede any right to erasure requests under applicable data protection laws. We cannot therefore erase your data in relation to your Fara Account until after this time period, however we can assure you that your data will be held safely and securely whilst under our supervision

When Do We Delete Your Data:

We are basically storing and processing your personal data only as long as it is necessary to perform our obligations under the agreement with you or as long as the law requires us to store it. That means, if the data is not required anymore for statutory or contractual obligations, your data will be deleted.

What Are Your Rights & Obligations:

We will collect, store, and use your information as set out in this privacy policy. We may also share your data for reasons set out in this privacy policy with third parties for such purposes as defined provided that such information will always be anonymous. Should we wish to use your information for marketing, we will inform you prior to such use. You shall remain entitled to deny such usage by informing Fara App within 15 days of being informed of the intended use, that you do not accept such usage. You agree to inform us in writing of any changes to your information and your business information within 10 days.

How Do You Contact Us:

If you have any worries or reservations about your personal information, please contact us by:

1. Sending a message via the app

2. Emailing us at

Changes To The Privacy Policy:

We will inform you of any changes to the privacy policy in accordance with your chosen type of notification.

Additionally, any changes that Fara makes to the privacy policy will be posted on our site and where necessary you will be notified during your next log on to the Fara App or our site. The new privacy policy may be displayed on your mobile device’s screen or our site and you may be required to read and accept before continued use of the Fara App, our site, or the Services.

Last updated:September 3,2021

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